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Our Clinic is located at Puerto Adolfo López Mateos

It is located in the north part of Magdalena Bay, 63Km to the west of Constitución city, this port as well as San Carlos is the favorite place of the gray whale to undergo their reproductive cycle yearly. The boat crews will take you as close as possible of these gigantic and friendly cetaceans.

It has a small but pleasant tourist services infrastructure such as: hotels, restaurants and boats operators located in its white sands in Magdalena Island. It is at the same time, habitat of thousands of migratory and resident birds that you will be able to sight and to photograph in their natural environment surrounded of mangroves or you will be able to develop studies of the environment and the biodiversity, or to practice kayak, canoeing and skin diving, besides the sport fishing and the swimming.

The location of this clinic is shown on the Baja California aeronautical chart as Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos (sometimes  spelled Matoes) and is  at a latitude of 25 degrees, 11 minutes north and 112 degrees, 7 minutes west.   It  is on the Pacific Coast of the Baja California Sur.  The Local population refers to this small fishing village  of approximately 2000 people as Matancitas.    The 4300 foot runway is hard packed dirt and is usually very well maintained, especially during February and March when many tourists fly into the area to go whale watching.

In 1990 the town suffered an 80% unemployment rate when the cannery reduced employees from 1200 to 100.    While on a whale-watching trip to Lopez Mateos in 1994, the Rotary and the community leaders of Lopez Mateos met with members of the Los Amigos Chapter and asked them to help provide needed health care to their town.   They hosted a tour of the town and provided a fish fry luncheon complete with turtle soup.  In September, 1994 the Los Amigos Chapter held their first clinic in Puerto Adolfo López Mateos.

In 1995 the Sams conducted their clinic in an old house located in the center of town.  The old house was owned by the bank and considered uninhabitable because of termite infestation.    In 2001 the cannery donated land for use by the Los Amigos Chapter and the Sams began renovation of a small building located on the property.   In 2003 the Phoenix Sams  moved their clinic out of the condemned building in town and into the newly renovated building.  The new clinic building was made possible through the generosity of the cannery who donated the land, the hard work of Sams volunteers who worked many weekends to renovate the building, and the humanitarian financial donations of many, many people.   Since that time there have been two more additions to provide additional services to the community     

The dental area has 4 dental chairs plus 2 chairs dedicated to  dental hygienists.     The clinic also has three chiropractic tables and four medical examination rooms, including facilities for an OB/GYN as well as other medical personnel.   There is also a well equipped pharmacy.    In 2005 an eye clinic was added to the other free services that the Los Amigos chapter provides to this remote fishing village.     All of the equipment was donated, or purchased from money donated, and hauled to clinic in small aircraft, often in pieces, to be reassembled by our helpers at the clinic.

With the clinic situated at the end of the runway right by the parking area we have been able to be a lot more efficient. With the old clinic in town we had to wait for rides, get every thing into the cars or pickups and then go to clinic, a lot of times that would take an extra 30 minuets. Now you get out of the airplane and walk into the clinic. There are pilots and helper to give you a hand taking things into the clinic. With in 5 minuets of landing you can be working. And when it is time to leave and return to the hotel  it is a real time saver to be on the airport. With the prevailing wind blowing on shore it is necessary to taxi to the east end and turn into the wind for the take off. When you have 8 or 10 planes all wanting to leave at the same time it doesn't work too well. Now when some of the people are done a little early they and the pilot just walk out to the plane and leave, no waiting for rides back to the airport. A much better and more efficient operation.

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For most of the trips the overnight location is the town of Mulege

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Mulegé is an oasis town in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, situated at the mouth of the Río de Santa Rosalía. It is the fourth-largest community in Mulegé Municipality. It had a population of 3,821 according to the Mexican federal census of 2010.

All over the world Mulegé is famous for its rich fishing grounds in the Sea of Cortez>. A warm current from the southern and a cold current from the northern Pacific come together in the Mulegé area of the Sea of Cortez and encourage a great variety of different fish species. The Sea of Cortez is named after the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés. In the past Mulegé made its living mostly from fishing and from farming. Today tourism is a major income source for Mulegé. Deep sea fishing is also one of Mulegé's tourist attractions. Kayaking, cave tours and bird watching, fishing with or without charters to catch a big game fish are popular attractions. Today's tourism industry in Mulegé is based on the fact that in 1976 the Highway MX 1 - a paved road - was constructed and Mulegé became easily accessible by land. A trip from the US border to Mulegé which takes no more than 12 hours today could last four or more days before the construction of the highway.



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